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Coastal Chinese School is founded since 2005, it belongs to a non-profit organization -- Chinese-American Culture and Education Center. We offer Chinese in small classes, we teach pinyin and simplified Chinese. Due to Covid-19, Fall 2020 changes to all online classes and class time changes to 2:30 pm to 4 pm. Check below link for school details.

海声中文学校组建于2005年,隶属于非盈利机构--中美文化教育中心。我们提供小班制教学,有经验丰富的老师教授拼音和简体中文。因为疫情, 2021春季我们的中文课暂时改为网上授课, 上课时间在周日下午2:30到4pm.中文学校详情请参考下面的link.

Coastal Chines School 海声中文学校

Chinese-American Culture and Education Center


Chinese-American Culture and Education Center (CACEC) is a nonprofit and apolitical organization whose purpose is to promote the Chinese culture and cultural exchange between the United States and China; to organize and/or sponsor Chinese culture activities for Chinese-American communities; and to provide necessary assistance and services for the education of Chinese Americans and the general public.